Striped Bass, Bluefish & Bonito

Each fishing season, Martha’s Vineyard is visited by a large number of fish species. Aside from being a spectacular catch, the fish around the island are beautiful and make wonderful photos for keeping memories. And if that’s not enough, each fish is known for being a unique and wonderful dinner entree. You just need to get out there and catch them first!

Through-out the year Striped Bass and Bluefish are common to Martha’s Vineyard. Striped Bass are known for arriving early in the spring and staying late into the fall, primarily because of their preference of cooler water temperatures.

Bluefish, similar to Striped Bass, can be found around various areas of the coast of the Vineyard throughout the fishing season. Bluefish have a reputation for creating massive feeding frenzies, during which they’ll attack a large number of bait-fish by deploying a wild schooled attack on the unsuspecting smaller fish. During these Bluefish feeding frenzies, fishing can can be very exciting as it is not uncommon to see five or more fishermen in a row with Bluefish on the hook.

Around mid summer, typically around mid July, other fish known as Bonito and Albacore join the fishing scene. Bonito and Albacore are both members of the tuna family and have a football shape with dark backs and silver bellies. These fish commonly prefer warmer waters, hence the reason that they migrate to the shores of Martha’s Vineyard when the water temperature really starts hitting it’s peak.

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